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Sunday 24 June 2018
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Arizona Cardinals

Looking a the offensive, the cardinals are showing that they have very good beginning statistics in their game this year, 2015. This is probably because of the great efforts put in by their team players who are showing great potential this season. Many have great projected out comes a he end of the season and each game as well.

Although the cardinals lost the game on Sunday as a result of sloppy plays and how they kept kicking themselves on the foot with poor plays, they showed great potential and played a great game regardless of the fact that they lost in the end. The Arizona cardinals’ news show there are quite a few things the team should be praised for and It doesn’t really matter much whether they won or lost.

The first thing to commend he cardinals for was the fact that they finished the game on Sunday with only a total offense of 469 yards. This is a great game considering the steers also had a great defense set. Although many will say that their predictions that the team would loose came to pass, the seers also showed weaknesses in their defense game through out the match.

The second great thing about the match was john brown. The made 10 catches for 196 yards. This is something that may not have really been expected by many and It saved the team from being scored a lot more goals than were counted by the end of the game. It is a great course for celebration, if only he can keep It up.

Palmer is yet another reason the game was so good. Even though the game was filled will penalties from the offense, he showed a great game carrying his team on his back all the way. Although there was the one mistake he made by passing the ball to john without realizing that Mike Michel was there too.


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