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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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The Football Insider

The future odds and prediction of the 2016 Super Bowl is out. It will be played on 7th February 2016 in Santa Clara, California at Levi’s Stadium.

Other potential winners include the Cardinals from Arizona and Cincinnati Bengals, the mighty Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos at 13 to 1

Drawing board for Super Bowl 2016

  1. New England Patriots

This team depends on one player, Tom Brady. If they have to continue with their winning strikes, it will mean that Tom has to be among the players in helm in all 19 games. Manning Peyton is also another promising player in the team. The combination of the two is going to bring good results if at all none of the will be injured during the game. i would go for this team comparing with the packers.

  1. Green Bay Packers

This is also a promising team to win the title, it has won different games which includes a win against the San Francisco, Seattle Seahawks, the Kansas, and Chicago. However, this few wins doesn’t make them the champs as they have always been. There is no way that this team is going to be the new champs considering they haven’t been playing a safe game and the team lacks enough talent on the receiving end.

  1. Seattle Seahawks

This team has undergone a lot of trouble and struggle in finding their original form, so far they have won a game against Chicago, they have been beaten by the Green bay and at St Louis. Some of their good players are receiving medication due to injuries. For them to win they need to pull up and work tirelessly to gain form with the amount of time remaining.



  1. Denver Broncos

This team depend on their quarterback, he is a like a wall that is not easily passed, however it is not easy to entirely depend on player, age is also catching up with him so is previous form can’t be used to predict the game.


  1. Cincinnati Bengals

With Lewis Malvin coaching the team and Ady Dalton as a quarterback, I would say that there is not even a single chance that the team will win.




  1. Arizona Cardinals

This team was beaten in their home ground by the Saints, but if guys like Carson Palmer are going to play in all games there are chances they can win, they have one of the best coach and if they play their cards right they might surprise the whole world.





Other teams include the Atlanta Falcons and the Indianapolis Colts, they are both struggling to get on their feet. I would not put a price on this two teams.

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