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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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NFL WEST may currently be the strongest division in NFL. According to the NFC West Standings, one will prove that all teams are capable and therefore offers a good competition in the league. Many players have proved their worth in the competition by producing exception talents that enables their teams to be title contenders in the league. The following are the current top players in the NFL West division.

  • Earl Thomas.

Seattle Seahawks have always been depending on this young promising player. At the age o f 26 years, he has shown the real talent to bring the team to a better position in NFC West standing. He is currently the best FS in the NFL. His good defensive skills have always given opponents difficult time.

  • Robert Quinn

His physique characterized by height offers the best quality needed in a team. St. Louis Rams normally use him in the Defensive End position. He has always been instrumental in giving the team the wins in their decisive matches. Many reporters and journalist have argued that he is currently the 4-3 Defensive End player in the league

  • Richard Sherman

Seattle Seahawks are always comfortable with Sherman at the Cornerback position. His experience in the league is currently making him the top Cornerback in the NFC West and he is ranked 2nd to the famous Darrelel Revis among all NFL Cornerbacks.

  • Marshall Lynch

He is ranked the best running back in both the division and the top three league-wide. The votes of the current NFL players put the Seattleā€™s player among the top player in the NFL West. He is remembered for leading his team with 17 touchdowns, 13 scores rushing and 4 scores receiving in 2014.

  • Joe Staley

Since joining San Francisco in 2007, Staley is a very physical player with a height of 6 ft 306lb weight which s needed in his LT position. The sprained knee injury he suffered has not compromised his quality as statistics shows that in his 9 games of the season he has only allowed just 3 sacks with no penalties called against him.

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