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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Johnny Manziel Roadside Domestic Dispute with His Girlfriend

Cleveland Browns football player Johnny Manziel was in the headlines for creating ruckus with his girlfriend. It all started when the quarterback player indulged in a roadside brawl with his girlfriend. The incident got reported and the N.F.L was considering steps that could lead to the punishment of the player.

It was alleged by the girlfriend that Manziel was very much drunk

The dispute was controversial. It is a domestic issue and Manziel’s girl friend reported that the player had been physical with her after a heated exchange of words. It was understood that the player was driving on an interstate highway. It was alleged by the girlfriend that Johnny was very much drunk. Though it was reported to the police by Colleen Crowley but Johnny Manziel was not arrested.

Matters of conduct to be taken care seriously

After making thorough observations, at one point in time, the league spokesman assured that the situation will be reviewed. He added that, since violations of matters of conduct are there, therefore it needs to be taken care seriously.

The player spent 70 days at the Pennsylvania rehabilitation centre

After the incident, the player spent 70 days at the Pennsylvania rehabilitation centre. There is ambiguity whether he was facing any type of disciplinary actions imposed by the league during that period.

Establishing facts from reliable sources is crucial to resolve the issue

The Johnny Manziel is a valuable resource for the Cleveland Browns and the team understands that well. Unless the facts are established from reliable sources, it is disadvantage on the part of the team to deny Manziel a place in it. The N.F.L and other agencies are looking into the matter. They are investing to find out the facts.

The Johnny Manziel Roadside Domestic Dispute has remained a hot topic for debate and discussion in the New York Times. But it is comprehended that the player is very much safe despite confronting fiasco. And as the N.F.L is further investigating into the matter, the player is expected to remain as a backup quarterback for the Cleveland team.

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