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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Arian Foster Injury

According to several sources, it’s been confirmed that running back Arian Foster shall be out for some time presuming all season up to a year due to an injury specifically a torn Achilles tendon. This is a huge blow to Houston Texans, not to forget how they were similarly beaten 44-26 by Miami Dolphins during fourth quarters. On the ground, filled with pain, he was escorted out by trainers.

On Monday, the Arian Foster injury is set to undergo an MRI examination. After a defeat to Miami Dolphins, Arian Foster was in the locker room with crutches on. He was worried enough for he knew it was a really bad injury though medical examination had not yet confirmed how serious though. Rumors have it that doctors presume it’s torn.

Coach Bill O’Brien has publicly shown remorse for the Arian Foster injury and for his talented player who’s been supportive and delivered handsome results for his team. He considers this to be unfortunate for Arian Foster. Clearly enough, it wasn’t the prettiest thing you would ever wish to witness. This set-back is said to have unrolled just five minutes remaining for the game to come to a halt. With Texas trailing by 44-20, Foster went down beginning his route after motioning out. During that play, it was clear that he never got contacted.

As Foster was escorted on a cart from sidelines, the Texas scored on the next play. At the end, Arian Foster had made only two touchdowns and an all-purpose 125 yards.

At commence of the season Arian Foster had missed two games. On 7th August, he underwent another surgery after picking up a groin injury during train. By 4th October, he was back and ready to face Atlanta Falcons. Unfortunately they were beaten 48-21. In all but a single season, foster has missed one game because of injury since 2011. According to this current season, Arian Foster, rushing on 63 carries has made up to 163 yards.

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