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Sunday 20 May 2018
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NFL Standings

For those who’ve been following the Thursday Night Football closely for the last two weeks, you probably saw the Jets, Titans, Jaguars and Bills in their all-color jerseys for the NFL’s color rush series. During the halftime of the Titans-Jags game, the NFL showcased their subsequent set of color rush jerseys that will be worn by the Dallas cowboys alongside the Carolina Panthers during the Thanksgiving afternoon match.

Dallas’ jersey looks rather familiar as they’ve previously worn it back during the Triplet days. Nevertheless, the blue color appearing on the shoulders is somewhat darker in version. Meanwhile, the Panthers are rather inclined to an all-blue look, which is identical to the one sported by the Titans during the Thursday night game. The Panthers are planning to have a slightly different color piping for their Thanksgiving Day.

Trey Griffey celebrates his dad’s birthday in style

Trey Griffey’s dad, Ken Griffey Jr., turned 46 on Thursday and his son chose to celebrate the birthday in style. He (Trey Griffey) ripped of a whopping 95-yard score for Arizona, although the Wildcats would later retaliate making them fall to Arizona State 52-37.
Trey Griffey, a wide receiver, twisted a 10 yard gain into a score. He utilized a combination of both vision and speed, slanting towards the middle section of the field. He eventually won the race to the end zone by hitting max-extension at the Pylon to give his dad an ecstatic birthday.

The overall NFL Standings for the September 21st Infostrada Sports from the NFL games on Sunday are as follows: (we’ve used CAPS to identify home teams)

CAROLINA 24 Houston 17
MINNESOTA 26 Detroit 16
Arizona 48 CHICAGO 23
Tampa Bay 26 NEW ORLEANS 19
PITTSBURGH 43 San Francisco 18
New England 40 BUFFALO 32
CINCINNATI 24 San Diego 19
WASHINGTON 24 St. Louis 10
Atlanta 24 NY GIANTS 20
OAKLAND 37 Baltimore 33
GREEN BAY 27 Seattle 17
CLEVELAND 28 Tennessee 14
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