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Sunday 20 May 2018
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Titans Marcus Mariota Sprained MCL

Marcus Mariota, starting quarterback of the Tennessee Titans has recently suffered a torn MCL during a game versus the Miami Dolphins. An MRI has just revealed that he obtained a Grade 2 MCL sprain, which for the most part typically takes around three to four weeks to recover.

Mariota’s knee was injured when he had been dealt a low hit by Oliver Vernon, in what was a clear-cut 38-10 victory against Miami at Nissan Stadium. So far, Marcus Mariota has been walking relatively satisfactory around the facility and depending on the week, the staff will have to see how his progress is doing before they can truly pinpoint a return date. The Titans will meet up against the Atlanta Falcons at home this coming sunday.

Team Positive

The Titans noticed that their quarterback was actually moving around pretty well after receiving the painful hit in the second quarter of the game. Coach Whisenhunt had noticed that Mariota was moving outside the pocket and shifting around pretty nice for a player who had just received a sprain to the knee. It was no doubt quite a sight to see that he was so mobile the next day because when a player undergoes such trauma to the knee they are usually down for the count.

The team has made it clear that they are most certainly not about to put their starting quarterback in danger. Mariotta cited that he felt that the hit wasn’t of the malicious sort and that the possibility of him being a target wasn’t something to consider.

Temporarily Sidelined

Hopefully, if they can get their quarterback in a relative window of time, they can get back to basics and begin the positive progression that they had in mind with their first-year quarterback. The Titans are 1-6 this year so you can only imagine that they are seeking progression and because of a Marcus Mariota sprained MCL, their goal has been temporarily sidelined.

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