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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Predicting the Super Bowl 50 Champion

With nearly every game of Week 11 in the books, we are all starting to get a great idea of the true Super Bowl contenders, and the Super Bowl pretenders. In addition, the NFL divisional races are shaping out nicely. Let’s take a look at the projected playoff standings in each conference, leading up to our Super Bowl 50 champion prediction.

Projected AFC Standings:

1 Seed: New England Patriots

2 Seed: Denver Broncos

3 Seed: Cincinnati Bengals

4 Seed: Indianapolis Colts

5 Seed: Pittsburgh Steelers

6 Seed: Kansas City Chiefs

Breakdown: At this point, the AFC divisional winners are fairly predictable, as are the seedings of each. The Patriots look unbeatable at this point, and Denver should clinch the second spot over the Bengals via their match-up in a few weeks, a showdown in Denver that the Broncos should win. The Colts win by virtue of a weak division, and the Steelers and Chiefs each slip in as 10-6 or 9-7 teams, as the only other contending teams (Bills, Texans, Jets) beat each other up and ruin each other’s seasons.

Projected NFC Standings:

1 Seed: Carolina Panthers

2 Seed: Arizona Cardinals

3 Seed: Green Bay Packers

4 Seed: Dallas Cowboys

5 Seed: Atlanta Falcons

6 Seed: Minnesota Vikings

Breakdown: Carolina is a very tough team, and even if they lose a few games down the stretch, they should still clinch the conference’s top seed. Arizona unseats Seattle as the NFC West champion, and the typically dominant Packers win their division, but it’ll cost them at least another loss or two. The big surprise is Dallas winning the NFC East, but with Tony Romo finally back, and the team still only 2 games back in the division, they’ll claw their way through the final 6 games to pull out the division, including a final week showdown with the current division leader New York Giants.

Projected Playoff Bracket

Wild Card:

(3) Bengals over (6) Chiefs
(3) Packers over (6) Vikings
(4) Colts over (5) Steelers
(5) Falcons over (4) Cowboys


(1) Patriots over (4) Colts
(1) Panthers over (5) Falcons
(3) Bengals over (2) Broncos
(2) Cardinals over (3) Packers

Conference Championships:

(1) Patriots over (3) Bengals
(1) Panthers over (2) Cardinals

Super Bowl 50:

Patriots 31, Panthers 20

In the end, the New England Patriots are the safest pick to win Super Bowl 50 and go back-to-back, by virtue of the team’s experience in the playoffs, their fantastic play at home in the playoffs, and Tom Brady’s undeniable big-game ability. It looks to be a fun remainder of the NFL season!

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