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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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NFL History

Football was professionalized in the year 1892. At around this time William Heffelfinger and Ben Donnelly both received large amounts of money to play football.

National Football League dates back to the year 1920 when it was founded. Initially it was called the American Football Association. The change of name was done in Ohio at a Hupmode dealership in Canton. Before this, it consisted of Ohio league teams. It took on the name NFL in the year 1992. Shortly after changing its name to National Football League in 1992, it was renamed to the American Professional Football Association. It saw several teams join the league at this point. It became the first professional football league to establish a nationwide presence. This was after decades of unsuccessful attempts. Currently only two teams are founding members of NFL. They are the Decatur which is currently the Chicago Bears and the Cardinals which is currently the Arizona Cardinals.

After it was founded, membership of the league continued to gradually stabilize in the 1920s and 1930s. Its first official championship game was held in the year 1933. World War II brought about some major changes in NFL. It saw the reintegration of signing black players in 1946 after it had stopped in 1927 because of World War II. It also saw teams become more financially viable and saw the office of the league presidency become more powerful. Thorpe who was still playing for the Bulldogs was elected president at this point. In June 24, 1992 with its headquarters now in Columbus Ohio, the league changed its name one final time to the National Football League

Super Bowl became the most watched annual sporting event in America. This was after a merger between the older NFL and American Football League which was founded in 1960. Over the years, the league has grown to its current 32 teams. Its profitability came about because of an increase in large television contracts.

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