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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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AFC History

The American Football Conference or ANC as it is popularly known was formed in 1970 after the National Football League merged with American Football League. AFC together with NFC which in full is National Football Conference forms NFL.

The AFL was started in 1960 and had 8 teams initially. Later, two teams clubs, that is; Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Bengals were added to the league in 1966 and 1968 respectively. During AFL’s launch, three teams; Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Colts were added to the ten teams that were there previously and jointly formed the AFC.

A total of five teams have since joined AFC for expansion and two have also left since the merger was formed. The current number of teams in the AFC is sixteen. In 1976, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Seattle Seahawks joined the league and were placed in AFC and NFC respectively but on a temporal basis. After one season, these two teams interchanged conferences and Seattle Seahawks joined AFC. In 2002, Seattle Seahawks left AFC for NFC after realignment. A new expansion team; Jacksonville Jaguars was registered with AFC in 1995 and recorded in AFC History.

In 1996, Baltimore Ravens was established as an affiliate of the AFC due to Cleveland Browns’ relocation controversy. In 1999, the Cleveland Browns were reinstated. The AFC received a new team; Houston Texas in 2002.

The AFC History has been made by different teams in Super Bowl. Specifically from 2000 to 2014.; New England Patriots makes within this time frame with a total of 6 times, followed by Pittsburgh Steelers with a total of three times , next are the Indianapolis colts and Baltimore which have appeared twice and lastly, the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders who appeared only once within that period.

A new logo for AFC was created after the merge but it had some features of the older AFL logo which had and ��A’ and 6 six surrounding stars. This was however changed in NFL’s 2010 season whereby the stars were reduced to 4 represent the 4 AFC’s divisions.

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